Ready To Become An Unhindered Coach?

Whether you’re already coaching or just beginning to discover your coaching gifts, we fully believe TUL Coaching Certification is worth your investment.

Our Certifications are generally scheduled 3 times per year: winter, late spring, and fall. Each Certification includes 8 weekly online sessions guiding participants on personal journeys through the Unhindered model of transformation and equipping them to lead others through it. The TUL Coaching Certification ends with a 2-day online event where participants are taught how to apply the Unhindered model of transformation with others.

TUL Coaching Certifications are primarily for two groups: those who are considered Staff Experience leaders in their churches, and those who are ministry staff members looking for more effective ways to lead and work with their staff.

Investment Details

  • 8 Week Intensive Program through TUL Model
  • 2 Day Live Zoom Event with Dr. Byers and other TUL experts
  • Potential Referrals for Clients
  • 1 Year of Certification (Renewals & Refreshers Available)
  • Coaching Support from TUL Staff & Attendees

The Unhindered Life Coaching Certification is vital for those churches and organizations who take their teams through the Staff Experience. Having a Certified Coach (or two) from your community will provide an expert on site to explain the TUL model of transformation and help guide your teams through the Staff Experience material.

Price for TUL Coaching Certification – $1995