Intensive Counseling

Limited to Pastors, Christian Leaders & their families

Do you need to:

  • Turn your trajectory toward finishing well?
  • Turn the corner in your ministry, life, marriage, or family?
  • Turn the page in your transition?
  • Turn your attention to the heart of the matter?
  • Turn your heart and mind toward God?

Intensive Counseling Services provide:

  • Private sessions on site with a licensed psychologist for an intensive week of personalized healing and reflection in Tampa Bay, FL
  • Care for individuals and couples
  • Deep integration and blending of psychology with God’s Word that prioritizes God’s will for Christian leaders’ lives
  • Understanding of the complexities of life’s trials, challenges, and transitions
  • Insights and plans that will impact lives and ministries forever
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Unhindered Coaching

Coaching with a trained Unhindered Coach will provide you with:

Regularly scheduled calls with an Unhindered Coach prompts clients to get more done than on their own. Think about it, if you work out with a personal trainer at the gym, you work harder and smarter. An Unhindered Coach will help you take more courageous action and work toward bigger spiritual, personal, and professional goals.

Your Unhindered Coach knows how to help you set achievable goals and structure your personal and professional life for greater productivity with less effort. You’ll accomplish more in less time with the input of an Unhindered Coach on your side.

To help you become naturally motivated without nagging or shame, an Unhindered Coach typically works best with a weekly call so you have time to integrate new ways of thinking and take action each week toward your goals. Most coaching sessions are virtual by phone or video and last under an hour. The experience is challenging, purposeful, and uplifting.