Unhindered – Thirty Days: Discover Healing, Freedom, & Power Within

Jumpstart your transformation process by engaging in daily readings and reflections that will provide an abridged exploration of the hindrances that hold you back and illuminate your pathway forward.

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Does it seem that there is a gap between the life you are living right now and the abundant life – free and light – that you read about in scripture? Could it be that this gap was created by your past, which has unknowingly written something on your heart that doesn’t align with God’s intentions for you?

Due to shame, avoiding pain, or maybe even being unaware of the impact of our pasts, our hearts have worked hard to develop strategies to keep us protected from more pain and disappointment. These unseen, unspoken strategies may have helped us get to where we are now, but the truth is, without proper attention, they can keep our hearts hindered. They might even allow us to harbor – deep in our hearts – some unresolved doubt or resistance to God’s desire to lead us beyond the artificial limitations of the past.

When we get curious about the gaps in our lives and surrender the story of our hindered hearts to God, we allow Him to rewrite the meaning of the experiences that have shaped us. In this new, rewritten story we discover the healing, freedom, and internal power that come from becoming unhindered.

As we fight to live in the new story that God deeply desires for us, we see that our redeemed pain can be transformed into a powerful purpose. With the Holy Spirit’s power at work within us, we unlock a relationship with God that is secure, full of ruthless trust and unshakable hope, a deepened faith, and unspeakable strength. Our genius – the best of us – comes alive so we can make the difference we were created to make.

For over twenty-five years, Blessing Ranch Ministries has served thousands of Christian leaders from around the world, helping them to live, lead, and finish well. The inspired methodology of becoming unhindered has given the gifts of language, tools, and a clear pathway to help others find more of the abundant life that God has promised.

Welcome to The Unhindered Life.

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